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I recently called to inquire about changing the wiring on a German lamp. Scott told me that all I needed was a plug adapter and an American bulb. His advice saved me money, which I greatly appreciated. Any company that thinks of its customer's needs rather than selling a product or service is first class. I've bought lots of lamps and fans from the Lamp Factory, and they will continue to be my go to store.


My favorite Christmas candles/lights did not work this season. I took them in to the Fair Lakes store this morning and the 2 men behind the counter identified the problem, replaced the plug and Bingo- fixed on the spot for a very reasonable price- seemed to be the cost of the part only- no labor cost. Wow, amazing. I have purchased light fixtures from them before, but they did not know that/ask that. I always go there first when shopping for Lighting and needing repairs! Thank you for making my holiday bright - my fav light set is back in business.


We came to the Lamp Factory Outlet (LFO) to replace all of our outside lights. We were amazed at Julie's incredibly expertise on our lighting options. Not only was she knowledgeable on LFO's products, she also helped us understand lighting fixture trends, technical specs and how they could impact out electrical usage. She turned what at first seemed to be a daunting task, into something incredibly easy. We told Julie our requirements and she quickly helped us find some great selections. She took us through their website selection to ensure we were not missing any options and by the time we left the store, we knew the direction we wanted to go.

LFO wanted to make sure we were happy with our choice so they suggested taking only 1 fixture home with us to see how it worked. We installed it and let me tell you, Julie nailed it! We called her back and 1 day later we had all our new fixtures. Although when we came to get the rest of fixtures, Julie was not there, Carol knew who we were and had everything ready for us, to include the light bulbs for the new fixtures.

The new setup provides us with the additional lighting we were looking for and man do they look good! We are so happy with the service we received and the high quality fixtures we installed, not to mention, we came in under the budget we set!

We highly recommend Lamp Factory Outlet for all of your lighting needs! We have a few more lighting projects in the house and we will definitely come back to get all our lighting needs filled through them. Thank you Julie, Carol and the whole LFO team!


Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to visit the Lamp Factory Outlet to obtain parts to convert my mother's European chandelier to hold American standard bulbs, as well as to acquire parts to repair other lamps of hers. In each and every visit, the counter staff has exhibited an impressive depth of knowledge about the parts I needed, how to fix or install the parts, and finally, most impressively, they have always had the most obscure small parts I needed.


I visited Lamp Factory Outlet while exploring my options for a lamp shade needed for a lamp that had an unusual euro set up. The sales staff was very well informed and went out of their way to help me look at all available options. They were able to convert my lamp to a standard harp set up that even had a 3-way option. They really took their time and allowed me to try every lamp shade I could find in an effort to get the look just right. Everyone was so friendly and helpful - the finished product looked amazing and was very affordable. Would definitely go back and recommend to friends!


I went to Lamp Factory Outlet to find replacement silk shades for two nice lamps, and to try to match a damaged shade for an antique floor lamp. What a great shopping experience! Carol helped us, and she knows her business. She answered every question and was a delight to work with. This store has true technical expertise for lamps, bulbs and other lighting. They could answer questions in as much depth as we wanted. The design professional in our family was very pleased.

The prices are very reasonable, too. Don't be put off by the 'factory outlet' term in the title. This store is a great little find for professional interior advice on any lighting issues you have.

I am glad we shopped here first. They saved us a lot of time, money and hassle of driving to a number of stores. Customer service was top of the line, too, and we're very picky.


I went in to buy a lamp to put on my piano. I went straight for the reading lamps section and pointed out the one that I preferred while my husband decided that it was too office-like. He suggested a lamp that is not my taste at all so we were trying to compromise which one would be best. I needed something that would give me plenty of light and he wanted something pretty and not office-like at all. Of course, our tastes were in different directions and the ones that we could agree on did not allow for high wattage light bulb.

Finally we found a lamp that we could agree on (although I was not that sold on the lamp), we flagged down an employee to ask questions. He was very helpful with explaining why certain lamps only allow for low wattage light bulbs and the one that we were looking at could go up to 100 watts. I told him that I like the lamp, but not really sold on the height of the lamp as I think it was too high to put on a piano. The employee told us that there is a banker style lamp in the collection of the lamp that I was looking at. He showed me the picture and I really like it. He made a call to another local LFO strore, but they didn't have it in stock so we placed an order.

My husband ended up liking another stand-up lamp in that collection as he had been planning to replace a lamp in our living so we ended up purchasing 2 lamps that day.


Wonderful customer service! I came in on a busy weekend pushing my grandmother in her wheel chair so she could shop for a new lamp shade. Wish I remembered the woman who helped us, but she was wonderful and very patient. My grandma can get pretty demanding at times :). She knew her stuff and answered all our questions. She helped us back out to our car with the items we had purchased as well and was so personal. It's been a long time since I've had such good customer service. So I was impressed! I had to go back the next day due to the fact that what we had purchased didn't fit the lamp (I should have taken in the lamp to the store in the 1st place). Another employee was very helpful and helped me right away. All in all, I got my grandmother's old 70's lamp fixed and she couldn't be more pleased. I highly recommend this place! I will be back!


These guys are a fantastic resource.

I went looking for what I thought would be a pretty standard bedroom sized ceiling fan and light kit. After not liking what I found at the big box home improvement stores (the items were junk quality brands, dated, weren't the right type/color, or had ugly hardware) this store had a high quality product that fit the bill.

They also indicated that if I have a problem you just bring it back and if I need a repair down the line they fix or replace. They were nice, knowledgeable, got you what you needed quickly, and considerate.

The reasonably priced selection of lamps, chandeliers, lights, mirrors, and light bulbs to fit just about any fixture, will keep me coming back. Knowing where to take a lamp, ceiling fan, or fixture that's broken is handy.

I basically found what I wanted, easily, for only $20 more than my plan b, not-at-all-ideal option.


Is about 5 years now since I found The Lamp Factory Outlet, and it's only fair to recognize this store for the good service and friendly personnel. They take time to listen and understand what the need is, and provide you with various options to solve any situation. Very knowledgeable. They stock a large variety of special lamps, sockets, switches, crystals and almost any part for any kind of fixture that you can imagine and the prices are much lower than any other store in the area .The show room has a nice variety of light fixtures. It's what I would recommend as a very complete and affordable place for your lighting needs.


I have been shopping for all my lighting needs at LFO for the last 10 years. The prices are reasonable, the selection is wide, and the staff is more knowledgeable and interested in providing information than at any other store, whether Lowes, Home Depot or any other I have patronized.. Today I came in for rewiring supplies, and a manager, Margaret, gave me a complete overview of the procedure, helped me pick the right materials and even made a photocopy of the diagram of a three bulb lamp. I would never consider any other place for my lighting needs.